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08:24 pm: a productive week
All in all I've had a fairly productive week, although I have not yet contacted the TPRS presenter, which I should have done last Friday.  I should also contact our new French teacher, who's apparently very gung ho.  I hope she has a more collegial approach to teaching than our previous instructor.  Who probably is just shy and/or terminally insecure, but the very thought of her is enough to piss me off.  Not very Unitarian of me.  She also, it turns out, is marrying the best friend of the brother of Hannah's boyfriend.  6 Degrees of Separation.  Or something.

I have had a couple of sewing lessons, although they've been somewhat truncated.  The only thing left to do on the skirt is hemming it, which Sally says I should really do by hand.  And I really hate hand stitching.  I mean REALLY.  Perhaps I will lay out a pattern tonight to take to tomorrow's lesson.  I'm also getting my hair cut tomorrow, so I'll be properly chic for my trip to Maryland.

I finished my 4-day watercolor workshop today; I've enjoyed it a lot.   Abstract art may be my metiér--I'm no good at producing anything that actually looks like something, at least not on purpose.  However, when I play with color and texture shapes emerge.   I like the way you can blend color with water color and keep going back to alter things.  If all else fails you can just put the paper under the faucet and wash it all down the drain.  Judy Westrich advises simply turning the paper over and using the other side.  But I did neither of those things.  In fact, two of the watercolors I liked least eventually turned into two of the ones I liked most, whereas one of the ones I quite liked turned into something that is merely so-so.  I'm actually going to frame several of them.  How's that for narcisism?  Next summer I'll take one of her acrylics workshops.  I don't see myself taking an evening workshop during the school year; I only have a limited amount of energy to spare.

I've been knitting quite a bit, though I haven't worked on Sophie's present for over a week, nor  have I done much with the diagonal scarf.  As for the other 10-12 Works in Progress, let's not even go there.  What I have been working on is a log cabin modular thing, which started out as a potential shawl, then I thought maybe I would make a big carpet bag and then felt it, but then, after showing it to Sally, decided to make a cropped kimono jacket.  The back piece is complete and I have just started one of the fronts.  The main yarn is Iro yarn by Noro, which I've had for several years and with which I have started several projects, only to rip them out because I only had 5 skeins of the Iro.  A year or two ago, I think when we were in the Twin Cities to attend Sophie's graduation, I went to the Yarnery (well, I go there every time I'm in St. Paul) amd bought some Malabrigo yarn in bright purple and bright orange, to pick up some of the colors in the Iro.  And that's what I'm making the squares out of, Iro & Malabrigo.

And Malabrigo is an interesting name for a yarn, meaning, as it does, bad overcoat.or poor shelter.  But the colors are brilliant and deep and the yarn itself makes up very soft.  I have to use a double thread, as it's not as thick as the Iro, but they go well together.

This morning I revised the syllabi for Spanish 2, 3 & 4.  I always change things a bit, but I don't usually get around to doing any preparation for the school year until August.  It does give me a feeling of accomplishment.  I have also been working on some bellringer assignments.  I need to go to Lowe's to see if they have the plastic link chains and/or clips.  One of the teachers we observed in Lee's Summit last spring used these for her stuffed animal collection, which is not nearly as extensive as my own.    I'm trying to figure out how to make my classroom a little less crowded, and removing the 2 tables whereon lives the menagerie would be a good start.  And I think our old CD rack will do for some of the books I have.

Maybe I'll read a bit more of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle now.  It's still interesting, but I'm developing a craving for some Terry Pratchett.  When is he going to write a new novel?  I also have Michael Ondaatje's new novel.  Not that we lack for reading matter around here; if, when we retire, we barely have enough money for food and medicines, I will still have enough yarn, fabric and books to keep me, or at least me if I were less acquisitive, happy for years.  Although I recently decided I can never retire, because I have a lot of clothes and where would I wear them?  And I like clothes!

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Date:June 23rd, 2007 02:30 am (UTC)

clothes, Terry Pratchett

Ah, well. mostly my clothes would not qualify as business attire either. Although some would--I have rather eclectic taste--but I do have a penchant for hand-painted fabrics and one-of-a-kind jewelry. I just took three nice hair clips to my favorite silversmith to have the clips removed and bales installed, thus transforming them into pendants. My hair used to be very long, but it is now very short and non-clippable.
My favorite clip was made in Bali and is silver and copper forming a butterfly w/ inlay of mother of pearl in the wings.

As to the Mighty Pratchett, now I have something to look forward to!
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Date:June 23rd, 2007 03:53 pm (UTC)

Re: clothes, Terry Pratchett

silver and copper forming a butterfly w/ inlay of mother of pearl in the wings

That sounds beautiful...
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