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Let's see... Short, squat, silver (NOT grey, or, heaven forbid, blue) haired. I teach high school Spanish, read, knit, listen to many kinds of music, play with the dog and the cats, and, when the time and the energy coincide, write fiction. I have a husband and 2 daughters who blog (although Sophonisba only does it very occasionally) & a third daughter who obviously has better things to do with her time. I finally decided if I really wanted to read family journals I would have to start one of my own, so here we are.

My schools list is a little misleading. I attended UA from 1966-1970 and got a bachelor's in Spanish lit, which was fairly useless on the job market. While at UA I spent my junior year in Spain, doing the Curso para Extrangeros at the Universidad de Madrid, which no longer exists, at least as that entity. I went back to UA after 6 years of working shit jobs and got a Masters in Romance Languages. While doing that I took classes in Guadalajara, Mexico for a summer and at the Universidade de Petrópolis in Petrópolis, Brazil for a semester. Marriage, childre & many years later I took a couple of courses at Mizzou while considering completeing a doctorate in order to have a shot at a tenure-track position at SEMO, but the commute & family needs made it too difficult. When the job at the high school fell into my lap I had no education courses to my name, so I had to go through the alternative certification process, which involved taking a bunch of classes at SEMO over the course of 3 years. Two of those courses actually were pretty good.

My husband, aka Aardvark Gumbo, and a good friend and I are founding members of the Cape Girardeau Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. Pat had some background as a Unitarian, Allen was raised Episcopalian, and my mother lost her faith in God when my father made her move from Staten Island, NY, to Chuquicamata, Chile, in the Atacama Desert (dryest place on earth--I'm not lying), the place of my birth. As a result, I wasn't raised anything and still have to fight the feeling that any church with me in it is likely to be struck by lightening. (This fear may also come from the fact that I was the first, and to my knowledge, the only child ever to be expelled from the Catholic kindergarten in Butte, Montana.) But UU isn't really a church, so I should be safe.

I am actually a very demure, shy & subservient human being, as Aardvark Gumbo and Cabell and Sophonisba will tell anyone who asks. So don't expect too much from my journal.